Announcing Please Book Me!


We are super excited to let you know that we have just launched the Please Book Me module for all current clients.

Please Book Me allows you to connect existing Microsoft Outlook or Google (need to add appropriate TM of Copyright) calendars through No Wait Inside (NWI.) You maintain complete control of your calendar and use NWI to open up times you will allow citizens book appointments with you. NWi allows you to control all calendar options including:

  • Days of Week
  • Specific time blocks within a day
  • Specific type and time of appointments i.e., Initial-60 Minutes, Follow-Up- 30 Minutes
  • Start time-top of hour, on quarter, on half or any open slot

Please Book Me alleviates all the hassle of booking appointments and allows your citizens/patients/customers find a time that works for their schedule.

Connecting your calendar via Please Book Me allows you to use NWI’s robust communication platform to send reminder and appointment detail messages to everyone on your schedule.

Please Book Me also integrates all major videoconferencing applications so you can have virtual meetings. We support:

  • Zoom (need to add appropriate TM of Copyright)
  • Microsoft Teams
  • WebEx
  • Google Meet

If you would like to discuss or see a demo, please use our Please Book Me link here to schedule a time.