No Wait Inside

15,000,000+ Customers served

Why NWI?

Eliminate your long waiting lines by using NWI
No Waiting Lines

NWI eliminates the need for waiting rooms or queues

Easy To Use

NWI does not require customers to download an App

Full Control

NWI helps facilities optimize traffic flow and resources


NWI currently is being used by government offices, healthcare facilities, and private businesses across the country


Optimizing Customer Experience

NWI can change the way you deliver service. Your citizens/patients/customers are not interested in waiting in line your facility. They want to stay in their cars or walk outside until you are ready for them. NWI allows customers to inform you when they have arrived and then you can use NWI's communication platform to inform them when you are ready. No App is required. NWI can be customized to allow for virtual or physical waiting.

Making a real Difference

Before NWI

Long Lines, Health Risks, and Anxiety

With NWI

Your client will know exactly when you are ready for them, No more time wasted waiting in lines or waiting rooms!

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