Pets and their parents want their visit to be as quick and productive as possible. No Wait Inside can be a great help/ Appointments can be scheduled online by the pet parent with all the details your team needs without calling and interrupting the servicing of pets and parents at your office.

How does it work?

The day before the appointment, the pet parent will receive a confirmation text to confirm the appointment. This will dramatically reduce your no-show rate and optimize your revenue.

All messaging type, timing, and content can be customized by your team. Email, test/SMS, and phone calls can be used. There is no app to download.


One hour before the appointment, the pet parent will receive a text with a link for them to press when they arrive in your parking lot. You can acknowledge their arrival and allow the pet and parent to wait in their vehicle or on your facility grounds without being inside your facility. No more issues with pets in your waiting room and much less stress for your team, pet and parent.

All these benefits at a very low cost. Please contact us to schedule a short demo and start the process of optimizing the visit experience for pet patient, parent and your team.

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