June 1, 2022, 9:00 am CDT Plymouth, MN – NWI, the pioneer of the Virtual Waiting Room, launches Wait Inside kiosk and signage/announcement products to assist government, healthcare and other service providers to welcome customers back to their facilities. NWI already serves over 500 locations and 15 million customers with its No Wait Inside customer flow management solution. NWI was born during the COVID-19 pandemic to safely facilitate face-to-face servicing and is now combining virtual and physical waiting room functionality.

“Queue Management focused on automating waiting. NWI focuses on Customer Flow Management which is much more than automating the take-a-number process.” said Jeff Gottstein, CEO and co-founder of NWI. “With Wait Inside, NWI is now a complete and robust product line to accommodate the flow of people in a variety of different ways. Our system allows an organization to adjust their workflow dynamically based upon different situations in a very simple manner.” With Covid-19 variants and leading public health experts warning of future pandemics, service providers need to rethink the concept of waiting and waiting rooms.

No Wait Inside and Wait Inside are fully integrated to our singular platform for a seamless end user experience so your staff can service customers within or outside of your facility. NWI believes in offering technology platforms to our customers that deliver great value.

For more information about NWI, please visit www.nowaitinside.com

About NWI

NWI was launched at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in May 2020 to help service providers facilitate face-to-face services to their citizens, customers and patients with our initial product, No Wait Inside. NWI disrupted traditional Queue Management Theory and introduced the concept of Customer Flow Management. With No Wait Inside, customers no longer were required to wait inside a facility, but could know when it was their turn to be served and go into the facility without a wait. No Wait Inside implemented a Virtual Waiting Room so you could implement Just-in-Time Servicing. Today, NWI serves over 15 million people across the US. For more information about NWI, please visit www.nowaitinside.com